There's more to be thankful for this year at your Thankgiving Feast - Farm Fresh, Natural, Free Range Turkey.

Wonderview turkey's are lean, firm, and flavourful because of the healthy and traditional farm environment in which they are raised. Our turkeys are available for pick-up October thth (Thanksgiving Friday), on the same day of dressing - freshness second to none.

These birds are raised naturally -  free from antibiotics and hormones, and have constant access from their shelter to the outdoor fenced pasture to explore, interact, and live as they were intended. 

Turkeys range in size from 15 to 30 pounds - with usual exceptions. In an attempt to accomodate desire for different sizes,  the turkeys are reserverd in small, average or large-sized birds. 

All turkey's are prepared in a provincially inspected facility by licensed abattoirs invoving a comprehensive provincial meat inspection system monitored by the OMAFRA(Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs)

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