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Wonderivew is a family owned and operated farm that practices humane, sustainable animal husbandry in raising natural, free-range chicken, and pasture raised lamb. We are also provide home to honey bees, laying hens, and ‘Dolly’ - our llama. We are located in Holland Landing, East Gwillimbury.

Our natural, free range approach allows the animals to eat fresh grass, forbes, legumes, and bugs in addition to their feed - free of antibiotics and hormones. They are provided with unlimited access to plenty of coutry air, sunshine, and allowed the opportunity to move freely, interact, and express their individual characteristics - all while replenishing the land. Overall, this rearing approach enhances the quality of life of the animals, the quality of meat they produce, and sustainabiliy of our earth.

If you would like to contact us please email info@wonderviewfarm.ca

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